Jackal Ghillie

M/L (Jacket 38-44 inch chest, Trousers 32-38 inch waist) GS01A

XL/XXL (Jacket 46-52 inch chest, Trousers 40-46 inch waist) GS01B

We’ve spent years perfecting our ghillie suits in order to offer our clients the best in both comfort and effectiveness. These suits are designed to be strong but lightweight, and are manufactured from high specification waterproof fabrics, so they don’t become heavy and waterlogged if you get caught in the rain. They never shed, dry quickly, are snag resistant and feature bug-proof linings. We think we’ve thought of everything.


  • Complete lightweight suit - no assembly required
  • Heavy-duty button front jacket
  • Elasticated cuffs with velcro fastening
  • Trousers with drawstring waist, adjustable braces and elastic/velcro ankles
  • Detachable hood with face veil 3-D leaf-like foliage
  • Shed and snag resistant
  • Waterproof fabric - will not become waterlogged and heavy
  • Bug-proof lining
  • Rot/mould resistant
  • Compacts easily - stuff into your day bag
  • Hand wash only


"Absolutely Fantastic" Andy Lovel, Sporting Rifle Magazine


The CamoSystems Jackal Ghillie Suit is unlike any of the other ghillie suits out there. This suit does not use natural jute or synthetic thread. Instead it uses military camo netting combined with long synthetic strips. Read Full Review...

Sporting Rifle 2011 Andy Lovel takes on a difficult roebuck, but thanks to determination and a state-of-the-art ghillie suit he creates his own lucky outcome Read Full Review...

Colour Options

  • Jackal-Ghillies-killerkamoJackal-Ghillies-killerkamo
  • Jackal-Ghillies-woodlandJackal-Ghillies-woodland

Washing Instructions

We suggest hand wash only as the Camosystems ghillie suit is a complicated product made from many components and materials. Soak it in soapy water over night, then rinse thoroughly. Place on a coat hanger and hang wet on a clothes line outside to drip dry.