Special Projects

Over the last two decades we've been involved in many special projects, and here are just a few to illustrate CamoSystems® versatility and expertise.  

Over the years we've provided netting for all kinds of special projects, large and small. Here are a few pictures from our scrapbook to illustrate the kind of things we've been asked to do in the past. If you have a project that you feel we can help with, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always interested in a challenge!

Fantasy Giant Tree

In early 2010 we were contacted by the management of the largest theme park in Italy, Gardaland, who were interested in using our netting on one of their major icons, the Fantasy Giant Tree. This structure, home of their mascot, Prezzemolo, had a canopy made from large globes, which had originally been finished with a carpet-type fabric which was heavy, costly and fading fast. Our military-style netting, which is lightweight, fire retardant and UV resistant, was considered to be a much better replacement. It's still giving excellent service today. Here are the before and after photographs, so you can judge for yourself.


Reservoir in California

One of our larger projects was the supply of huge camouflage nets to help conceal a new reservoir in California. The developers wanted to make it less obtrusive to the local residents while they waited for the vegetation to regrow.

Shade Sails in Turkey

Houese in Turkey

At the other end of the scale, we were asked to supply extra large netting for a private house in Turkey, where the owners wanted something similar to the "sails" that are currently fashionable, but providing less dense shade. We think it looks very effective and they were certainly very pleased with it.


Luke's Reptile Kingdom, Australia